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Furry Cyclists
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Furs that cycle.
Dedicated to those in the furry community that enjoy biking. Open to all flavors of cycling.

Rules for the crittercyclists

  1. Respect your fellow posters - Includes bashing, name calling and anything your mother would generally disapprove of.

  2. Only one photo/video is allowed outside a LJ Cut - Please try to keep all images outside a LJ Cut to a minimum size. Any additional photos can be posted under the cut. (CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO DO A LJ CUT).

  3. LiveJournal is not IM - If you want to have a 1 word per post conversation with your friend, please take it to IM.

  4. Please keep on topic - Please try to keep the journal on the topic of cycling (bicycles).

  5. Have fun!

Buying and selling of bikes and related parts and merchandise on crittercyclists is permitted. All items bought or sold are the responsibility of the parties involved. crittercyclists (or the community's maintainers) do not guarantee or warranty any of the items sold through this Live Journal.

This journal is run by perro and hypersnazz. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to report abuse, please get in contact with either of them.

- Perro


For giggles - Please fill out this brief meme and post once you sign up for this group.

Bike(s) Owned:
Skill Level:
Interests (Biking):
Interests (Non Cycling Related):
Future Projects: