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This is what I get for not frequenting the local bike shop...

HOWEVER, There is a charity bike event in DeKalb Illinois this SATURDAY called "Ride Like An Egyptian"

Onsite registration is 25.00 with an option to get an event t-shirt for 12.00.  Registration is from 8am-10am when the event begins.


Does anyone know what kind of shifters/brakes go on a trekking/hybrid handle bar?


*taptaptap* is this on?

Anyone use Trekker bars?

Doppler Effect

Don't car passengers realize that when they scream at us when they drive by, all we hear is "eeeeeoooooIMASHITHEADaaaaaaeeeeee"?
At least that's what I hear.

The Wall

I decided to climb "Mt. Morgantown" for a little challenge today, and just as I was approaching the base of the mountain, I began to hear an engine puttering behind me. I chuckled to myself thinking that the scooter probably won't have enough horsepower to pass me on the hill. But the next thing that I see pass me is a mountain bike...with engine assist. Cheater!

Bikes on NPR

Since we've been rather quiet here of late...

The second hour of NPR's "On Point" today was a nice bit about cyclists and cycling culture. It's an hour long call-in show, so it's not the most in-depth, but it was a good hour. The podcast should be available in the next few days if anybody is curious enough to check it out.

A cyclist (and friend) in need (fixed)

the short of it is she was on a group ride home on New Years Eve, someone in a truck hit her and took off. The only thing that saved her was her helmet and the fact she was in a group.
Though she graduated from Northern Illinois University last year, I've known her from my trips to the local coffee house where she worked. 

There is a Bike for Your Rights benefit in Chicago on the 26th for her if anybody is interested in attending,http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=281615789239&ref=ts or if you could just donate a few dollars that would be great.